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Household Mold Is No Laughing Matter!

The Time To Get It Removed Is NOW!

When were kids, most of us learn the lesson not to eat moldy food early on.

But relatively few people ever discover just how dangerous mold is around the house.

The truth is, household mold is one of the most common causes of various health complications in the United States.

Thousands of people a year are admitted to hospital as a result of health complications arising from mold, and many deaths have been reported in cases of extreme mold growth that was left unattended to for too long.

Some of the many health issues associated with mold growth include:

  • Fungal infection. Fungal infection is the most common health hazard associated with mold. When sensitive individuals are exposed to airborne mold, they can become infected, resulting in dozens of conditions, including athletes foot, breathing problems, skin rashes, and extreme cases, even death.
  • Allergic reactions. Some individuals are allergic to mold. For these individuals, mold can pose a significant threat even if an infection never occurs. Effects of mold allergic reactions include shortness of breath, fainting, and in extreme cases, death.
  • Asthma attacks. Asthma prone individuals should never be left in a mold infested environment, even for a short period of time. Mold has been known to cause asthma attacks even in individuals who have not had a recent episode. Symptoms of asthma attacks include extreme shortness of breath, fainting, and collapsed lungs.
  • Sinus problems. Mold infestations have been known to cause sinus issues, including extreme sinus congestion potentially leading to respiratory problems
  • Mycotoxin Poisoning. Finally, the most serious health issue associated with mold infestations, mycotoxin poisoning is the potentially deadly condition that occurs when mold gets into a persons blood stream. When this occurs, fatigue, general malaise, and breathing problems can occur. Mycotoxin Poisoning is rare, but highly lethal when it does occur. If you suspect someone you know has been affected by this condition, rush them to the hospital immediately.

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We Work With All Major Insurance Companies!

Top 5 Signs Your Home Has Been Affected By Mold

  • Cloudy Windows. One of the earliest signs of mold infestation can be seen in the windows of your home. Mold affected windows often look spotty, like there are clouds forming between window panes. If left not attended to, this kind of mold infestation can be extremely problematic; mold in your windows can get into the drywall of your house and cause structural problems.
  • Spots on Wooden Structures. Blackish spots on wood are a clear sign that your home has been infested by mold. These spots are most commonly seen in window frames, but can also be found anywhere else mold has been known to spawn. This kind of mold has been known to spread rapidly, and can be inhaled easily.
  • Dark Spots in your Toilet or Bathtub. Similar to the spots seen on wood, dark spots in your bathtub pose an even more serious risk because if not removed properly, you will find yourself literally lying in the mold any time you take a bath. This kind of mold may seem easy to remove, but in fact, traces often remain after you wipe away the visible mold, and a professional removal is always recommended for this kind of infestation.
  • Musty Smelling Laundry. Musty smelling laundry is an extremely common physical sign of mold infestation. The smell is hard to describe but is often likened to cheese thats been left out too long (in fact, the reason old cheese smells the way it does is because it is beginning to form mold).
  • People in the House or Building seem to get Sick. Finally, the most serious sign of mold infestation is when people who enter your house start to get sick instantly even when theres no bug circulating in your area, that means you may have a very advanced and SERIOUS mold infestation on your hand. If this is occurring in your home, you need to call a professional RIGHT AWAY.

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Crews Standing By And Ready To Be On Site In 1 Hour, MAXIMUM!

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What Our Clients Are Saying

One day, my son woke up wish a rash. I knew he hadnt been outside recently so it couldnt have been an infection from any insect or anything like that. I suspected mold and called “The Mold Removal Guys” the team was on site within an hour, and correctly identified the mold infestation wed been experiencing. Within a day, all the mold was removed!

  • Ruth, Washington.

You wouldnt believe the shock I experienced when I saw mold in my basement. I thought I was the cleanest guy in the world. But once I recognized it for what it was, I KNEW it was time to call the professionals. “The Mold Removal Guys” removed the threat within a day!

  • David, NYC.

The Bottom Line:

If you suspect that there is mold in your home, SERIOUS structural damage or health hazards could be in the cards if you dont act now.

At “The Mold Removal Guys”, we specialize in getting rid of mold so you can breathe comfortably and sleep easily.

Our team is standing by 24 hours a day to take your call.

Dont delay.

Mold growth only gets worse with time when left untreated.

Call us today.

Call Anytime! 24 Hour Service!

Crews Standing By And Ready To Be On Site In 1 Hour, MAXIMUM!

We Work With All Major Insurance Companies!

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Mold Removal Company Needed

Mold is a pesky fungus that will grow on any surface that has moisture. As it grows, it will penetrate deeper and deeper into the surface until the host surface is riddled with the mold and it is of no use. Mold in great quantities can prove to cause people to have allergies, respiratory problems, be sensitive to the toxic substances than emanate from the mold, called mycotoxins.

If an area is damp, and it stays damp, mold can grow very rapidly. If you cannot remove the mold with bleach or some such caustic substance, the wisest thing to do is to call a mold removal company to come in and get the job done. It is important to act quickly, because mold spores can travel through the air, and can cause a variety of respiratory ailments such as asthma, allergies, sinus infections, infections of the respiratory tract and many other diseases.

All that mold needs to grow is a moist surface that stays damp, a dark area with little or no ventilation. The mold will use just about any carbon containing surface to grow on because that is its food source. It can use anything from wood to skin cells upon which to grow.

Black mold is considered to be the most dangerous as well as being the most difficult to clean up. If you find black mold, dont try to remove it yourself. The mold removal company will know what to do. In the meantime avoid the area where the black mold is growing. Dont breathe the air that is in the area.

When the mold elimination company comes to inspect the area where the mold is, they should be able to identify it and be able to treat it right away. Some molds are not readily identifiable, and may have to be sent to a lab to be identified.

Mold removal companies understand the risks of mold exposure and after the mold is removed, they will clean and disinfect an area to make certain that the mold does not return. The mold removal company will have the tools to detect mold that is unseen too, like the kind that is behind walls, floors and ceilings.

Bleach will kill most molds, but not all. Vinegar mixed with water will kill a lot of the different kinds of mold as well. If nothing works, call a mold removal company and dont mess with it.

What to Look For When Hiring Mold Inspection Contractors

Mold is a living organism that can flourish in your home given the right conditions. Once established, it can create hazardous health conditions, damage building structure, and become increasingly difficult to eradicate. Figuring out when you need to hire a mold testing/inspection company and when you can safely clean it up yourself is critical.

If you find mold, take the time to clean it with bleach. If the mold doesn’t return you are likely in the clear. However, if it does quickly reinstate itself, you should check further. If you find that mold has moved into a variety of areas within your residence, make arrangements to have your home inspected.

A mold inspector will begin by testing the mold that he finds in your house. He will look for mold in your walls, basement, and bathroom areas. Once he finds the mold growing he will gather samples and determine the extent of the infestation. Since mold spores are airborne and flourish in moist areas rich in organic substances, a small mold colony can quickly spread throughout your home.

Once a determination has been made, a technician will return to your house with chemicals to destroy the fungus and its spores. These chemicals are primarily desiccants that restricts the colony’s ability to grow. Destroying an existing population is the first step in a comprehensive mold management plan.

Spores are a particular problem since they are resistant to changes in the environment and can lay dormant for years waiting for optimal conditions. Therefore, your mold removal technician will require that all infected material be removed from your house. This can include drywall, paper-backing from insulation materials, and wall paper. These porous material will be rich in spores and have already proven to be a satisfactory growing medium.

In order to ensure that mold growth will not come back, conditions within the home will have to change. Windows should be properly sealed since they are a source of moisture. Leaking faucets and pipes should be replaced or repaired and caulking should be reapplied.

In humid areas, preventing mold growth is impossible unless the house is properly ventilated and a dehumidification system is set up. Maintaining an internal environment that is not attractive to future mold colonies is your best defense against future problems. Mold can cause considerable damage to your home. Even though these repairs may seem expensive, the cost of not doing them will ultimately be higher.

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